Return of The Personal Aspects For All Signs

   I’ve recently brought back an offering I made some years back on the Eclectic Astrology blog as my recent posts on the trends for 2017 into some detail of the different planet aspects and influences due through the year. While I’ve made mention on this blog about the aspects section of the Astro-Ref website, which provide a monthly, color-coded almanac of monthly events. I took these tables a step further some six years ago as a monthly offering for the visitors. That additional step was in displaying the ‘natural’ house positions these different events each month happen to occur for each of the twelve Zodiac signs. In simple terms, if you’re familiar with some of the facets of your chart, or have had it calculated and cast, these newer reports can show what life departments in your chart are more likely to be emphasized, rather than the more general interpretations for these transiting planet aspects.

   The source tables used to create these reports are among the ‘master tables’ used to create the different reference pages for the Astro-Ref site. In particular, one of these master tables holds quite a lot of entries (averaging more than five thousand events for each calendar year). This includes days when two planets are entering into a particular aspect until the time that aspect becomes exact. In simple terms, when any two planets come into a ‘sphere of influence’ or aspectm that connect comes into play according to the planets and signs involved. So for these reports, I’ve now provided two different sets of tables: one set that displays these events as they are coming into completion and one set that dsiplays the events from when they first begin applying. For most folks, you can use the former set of reports to see, not only the harmony/friction dates for the month (by their color codes), but also what Houses keep showing up according to your Zodiac sign you want to see.

   These Tables/Reports can now be viewed:

      For the short-form reports

and     For the long-form reports (more detailed).

   There are additional Help Files available as links from these reports, which go into more detail on how to make the best use of these tables for working with your own birth chart. So for those with additional interest into using or exploring these reports, you can chack out the above links and surf to the website for more.


Copyright (c) 2011 – 2017, EH Cazimi


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