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WHEN I setup this Blog some years back, as well as going even further back to when I fist started work on the original Astro-Ref website, most of the web visitors were using desktop or laptop computers, with a modest number of users visiting via their mobile devices. As such, most of the pages designed for the early website were formatted to work quite well for non-mobile devices.

From an astrologer’s point-of-view, the web, as well as a larger collective mindset, began a major paradigm shift with the period from 2003 to around 2010, signified by the Mutual Reception between Uranus and Neptune: Uranus making his track through Pisces (a sign co-ruled by Neptune), while Neptune made his track through Aquarius (a sign co-ruled by Uranus). By definition, these two planets were in Mutual Reception to one another during that time,as these planets occupied signs that they ruled (or co-ruled) respectively.

It’s not surptising then, that we’ve seen a dramatic upswing of technology (sic) with trends in mobile computing, as well as with social networks and increasing concerns as to techno-addictions and risks from chronic or long term use of cell phones, wi-fi, and other EMF pollution.

As this blog is mainly one to function as a Help supplement to the material available on the websites, I’ll not digress too much in these larger collective shifts, other than to make mention of them as they relate to the materials originally provided on the website.

That said, and despite some attempts to keep some useful posts updated for the visitors here and the website, I’d noted a significant downturn, not just in the number of visitors, but also in the time that most users actually divested on the website pages. This was espeially so per the mobile users to the website.

I finally made the time to view some of the website pages with a cell phone, at which time it became pretty obvious as to why the downturn in the traffic stats. While most of the material on the website pages is still readable; due to the original formatting of most of the pages, it usually requires the visitor(s) to do some local zooming on their phones to read the info on these pages.

After pondering this dillemma, I’ve decided not to do any major makeover on the site for the benefits of mobile users. There are now a number of ‘apps’, particularly for iOS and android phones, that can reproduce charts, aspects, and ephemera on those cell phones; hence no the need for this information with this cellular revolution (sic). Despite some of these apps, there are tables at the Astro-Ref site that provide perspectives and information that is not availabble on some of these apps; indeed some of this info isn’t available (yet) via any of the commercial available software, like Solar Fire(tm), the Cosmic Patterns programs (Kepler or Sirius), nor any shareware or freeware programs.

So for those of you who have the option to use the tables available on the Astro-Ref site with a laptop, desktop, or even a tablet, I’d recommend you consider accessing the tables with those, rather than via your cellular device(s).

At the Eclectic Astrology Blog, I’ll be trimming back some of the links to tables on the Astro-Ref site that aren’t as ‘cell-phone friendly’, in light of these shifts among those surfing the web with their cellular devices. There are still some folks who may find the info on the Astro-Ref website useful and worthwhile. So I’ll retain this blog and the website for folks who are willing to view this material in its original formatting. It’s simply much too much of a project for me to pursue in a makeover or upgrade at this time.

If any of you have any suggestion, comments on this, please feel free to do so!


Copyright(c) 2017, 2018 EH Cazimi

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